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Professional Infrared Thermal Imaging

Mark Weller - Weller Infrared Services photoMark Weller, the owner of Weller Infrared Service has been a professional thermographer since 2006, using infrared thermal imaging to detect building and roof moisture, energy loss, and electrical issues for commercial, industrial and residential clients. His portfolio includes infrared thermal imaging surveys for Fortune 500 companies, Disney properties, government buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, multifamily and residential projects.

Before opening Weller Infrared Service, Mark’s background was in commercial and residential building and roofing construction (new & remodel). He was exposed to carpentry, roofing and electrical at a young age through his father’s construction company. After being honorably discharged from the US Army, he began specializing in carpentry framing and finish work, which eventually led to working as a superintendent and project manager on commercial and residential projects. In 1995, he became a Florida Licensed Building and Roofing contractor and operated a construction company employing 15+ workers.

As a Level 3 Thermographer, his extensive experience in building & roofing construction helps determine what is detected when utilizing an infrared thermal imaging camera. These skills are particularly useful for infrared thermal imaging roof or building surveys or diagnostic testing, such as ASTM / AAMA window testing, ASTM E1005 water infiltration testing and using a Retrotec Blower Door System.  Mr. Weller has also done extensive electrical journeymen course study and received additional electrical experience working with his late brother – a former master electrician.  His electrical training is beneficial when performing electrical infrared thermal imaging surveys of electrical switchgear and motors.

We Have the Training

Level 3 Infrared Thermal Imaging SealMost companies purchase an infrared thermal imaging camera, but neglect to invest in the necessary training. Infrared thermal imaging is not a "point and shoot" technology. Our method of nondestructive testing requires both skill and knowledge to interpret accurately the information gathered.

Weller Infrared Service has been trained by the Infraspection Institute and has received their Level 3 certification.  We have additional training in electrical, moisture and roofing thermography.  Weller Infrared Services training and certification are by ASNT Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A Personnel Qualification and Certification in Nondestructive Testing, 2011 Edition.


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